Apricorn EZ II Hard Drive Upgrade Kit and the Dell 700m

I decided it was time to upgrade my Dell 700m’s hard drive.  It has been a great little computer and its hardware is getting to be a little old.  So I went looking to upgrade the bottle neck I thought would change the performance the most.  The 45,000 RPM hard drive is dirt slow.  I thought I would get a 72,000 RPM drive for cheap now that the hardware is old hat.  Was I surprised!  The hardware for my Dell 700m is becoming obsolete and therefore is either not around any more or cost far more then it should.  I did find a nice 54,000 RPM HD at BestBuy.com that would work but now how to go about the upgrade.  In my searching I came across the Apricorn EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit. This looked easy enough. I bought it and waited for it to arrive.

The day came and I eagerly set it up according to the instructions. Everything was going smoothly. I watched the included software attempt to lock the partition from with in windows and then ask me to reboot. I rebooted and watched it check and attempt to lock the partition again before Windows had started. It then gave me a error message about the partition being changed and finished booting. I was confused as to what should come next. After letting it sit for a while I started the cloning software again and watched it go through the same process except this time it didn’t error on the reboot. The cloning now had begun. Both the light on the external drive and my drive were humming away. After it finished cloning I quickly switched out the drives as described by doing a Google search on Dell’s website for how to do it. I then booted up my computer expecting to see it all ticky-boo. My computer booted fine until it came to the “Loading PBR for Descriptor 2 . . . Done“. It just sat there and nothing happened. After some research I found that Dell has some secret partitions and for some reason the cloning software hadn’t copied them correctly. After trying it one more time I did it the non-recommended way according to the instructions. I booted from the CD and cloned the drive. Then I did the swap again. This time it came up right off. I was so surprised I thought it was a fluke. I was scared to reboot for fear it wouldn’t come up again. To sum it up everything worked fine after that. Now my 700m has larger and faster HD. I have a 80 Gig external drive and upgrade kit if ever I need it again.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m having the same problem with the exact same hardware. I want to follow your instructions, but I am a little confused. What CD did you boot from, the software CD or Windows CD? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    1. Its been so long its hard to remember. After rereading my post I see that I said “non-recommended way according to the instructions”. I think the instructions gave a second way to do it. I don’t think it was booting from the Windows CD. Do you have the instructions? If not I can see if I still do.

  2. Thanks. I still have them. I saw a post elsewhere and the guy used his windows cd and hit repair, then fixboot. I’ll try that when i get home. Apparently there is some sort of hiiden partition. Thanks for getting back to me!

  3. I had the same problem as in the initial post; cloned using the software installed on my old hard drive in my Dell 700m, and then only got the “Loading…..Done” message without Windows loading after finishing. So I cloned the hard drive again, this time booting from the EZII CD and with the new hard drive in the laptop and the old one in the EZII case. And after that I just turned off the Dell, took out the CD and disconnected the old hard drive; and then rebooted and Windows loaded from the new hard drive without problem and the cloning had worked. So bottom line – booting from the EZII CD worked for me even though the EZII instructions said it is better to run the software from Windows.

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