Attributes of a Successful Investor and Trader – Patience

What are the attributes, qualities, or criteria for becoming a successful investor and trader?  There is a famous quote from the book “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” that says “Patience, Self-discipline, and mind-set of detachment” make a good trader.  I am also reading a book called “Options Make Easy” it lists “patience, perseverance, knowledge, honesty, pre-planning, and discipline” as the criteria for successful investing.  I will do a post on each.

Patience – Money and the thought of making large amounts of money causes people to become excited.  When you are excited your judgment becomes flawed.  Lean to be patience in your pursuit of wealth.  I would liken it to a fighter pilot in a dogfight.  Plan your attack, stick to your plan, wait until the target it in your sights before firing.

Patience pays off.  Don’t expect to be a millionaire over night.  Consider compounding profits.  Each good trade or investment gives you a return which you can use to compound your wealth.  A steady 1% return a week will compound to be 67% in 1 years.   Let your profit accumulate and be happy with little wins.  Over time the big ones will come but first learn to walk before you try to run.

eBay Google Base Data Feed – How to Configure and Setup

I wanted to create a Google Base feed for my eBay store.  Sounds simple doesn’t it.  It wasn’t for me so I’m going to share how I did it.

  1. In your eBay account go to Marketing Tools.  This is on the left side about mid way down.
  2. Pick the “Make a file of your Store inventory listings available” and click apply.   Note the URL supplied here.  You will use it in setting up your data feed.
  3. Go to Google Base and Register a Google-base xml data feed file with the name: yourstorename.xml
  4. Click on the "Settings" tab;
  5. Under "Website URL (Optional)", replace the existing URL with your store’s XML link generated by eBay.
  6. Click the "Data feeds" link on your "My Items" tab;
  7. Edit your "schedule" beside your "data feed";
  8. Under "URL of file," replace the existing URL with the eBay generated link.  Click "Update Schedule" to confirm your changes;

This should do it.  It won’t happen all at once.  Google Base takes some time to process the file and it won’t get it until your scheduled time.  You can test it all out with a manual upload.

  1. Right click on the eBay generated URL in your eBay account and choose “Save link as”.  It will give you the file to save.
  2. Choose the “Manual: File Upload” that was below the “Schedule”.  Pick where you downloaded the file to and it will be uploaded.

Wait a while and see if it processed.

Amazon Categories or Search Index Matrix

How do I find the Amazon categories or Search Index Matrix?  That was a real devil of a question to solve!  I didn’t find any helpful links, only dead ends.  On top of it all I had no idea they were called Search Indexes.  Lets not also leave out the fact that they vary depending on locations in the world.  Here is where I found them: Search Index and ItemSearch Parameter CombinationsYou will need to expand the tree “API Reference” –> “Search Index and ItemSearch Parameter Combinations” .  Does anyone reading this most not have to retrieve them programmatically?

My Knee Injury and the Road to Recovery

I tore my MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) on my left knee on March 9, 2009 while practicing take-downs at my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.  It was the Monday night class.  We had done our warm-ups and had just got started.  This wasn’t the first time this had happened to me.  About 7 years ago I tore something in the same knee far worse while playing indoor soccer.  I had a good idea of what to start doing right off.

  1. Rest
  2. Ice
  3. Elevation
  4. Compression

R.I.C.E is the acronym and it has helped me remember it throughout the years.  I think my first aid has made all the difference in my recovery time.  I started by stacking pillows up to put my leg on, wrapping the knee with a ACE Bandage and putting ice on it.  I also took some ibuprofen for the pain and to help get the swelling down.  After about 3 days the swelling went down.  I was on my back nearly the whole time.

It has been a month this Monday since the knee injury.  I can walk but my knee doesn’t want to bend beyond 90 degrees.  If I leave my knee bent or straight for too long it is hard to get it out of that position.  It is as if there is fluid in the knee and it needs time to push it to some other location.  Last night my left leg was stiff from lack of use and I flexed it in my sleep.  Oh, mama!  That hurt.  This morning my wife suggested I lay on my back and do a peddling motion.  It worked great!  The peddling motion got a nice burn in my leg muscles and I was even able to get my knee to bend beyond 90 degrees.  I’m going to do it throughout the day to help increase my flexibility and exercise the muscles without causing greater injury.

I have purchased a book to help me called Treat Your Own Knees – Simple exercises to build strength, flexibility, responsiveness, and endurance.  I will let you know how it helps in my recovery.

Adding a PayPal Donate Button with HTML in ASP.Net

How do I add a PayPal donate button to my ASP.Net website with what PayPal generates for me?  After looking through Google I came up with my own easy solution.  It only involves HTML too!  Here it is and then I’ll explain it.

<a id="paypalDonate" href=""><img border="0" id="payPalImage" src="" alt="Donate to" /></a>

First of all, create a anchor tag.  In the herf property of the anchor tag past the code from the “E-MAIL” tab where you generated the button from PayPal.  Next inside the anchor tag place a image tag.  Set its border to 0.  This gets ride of the outline around it.  Then in the source property add the GIF used to display the button from the “WEBSITE” tab where you generated the button from PayPal.

Last, set the style of “Text-Decoration: none” on your anchor link.  I did mine in a CSS but you can do yours in the tag if you want.  This gets rid of the underline you see with a link.

I hope this helped as there were may confusing ways to do it out there and some rather complicated, I thought.  See my PayPal Donate button in action by going to: