Attributes of a Successful Investor and Trader – Perseverance

When I say perseverance I’m not saying keep throwing your money away until you get it right.  I’m saying persevere in your obtaining skills, knowledge, and technique.  In short development toward a successful trader and investor.  Warren Buffet didn’t make his billions over night.  We all know it yet the get-rich-quick schemes are as prevalent as ever.  Knowing how to persevere is a attribute that you can use in more then financial skill matters.  It is something most of us already have to some degree.  The key is to strengthen it and nature it when it come to combating our biggest weakness, “The Quick Fix”.  Greed is another name for it in the trading world.  We want the win now without doing the work to get it.  Persevere in your development and you will become a success.    

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