Jumping for Jiu-Jitsu – Jump Roping to Increase Stamina

What can I do to increase my wind or stamina in my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class?  This is a goal of mine that has been plaguing me.  Two things I might note right off.  Do not tie your belt tight.  Keep it lose and down toward your hips.  Second don’t tie your pants tight.  I noticed that both seem to constrict my breathing while rolling.  I’ve decided to try jump roping to see if that will give me more aerobic exercise and increase my wind.  I purchased a Harbinger 331600 9-Foot Beaded Jump Rope.  It wasn’t expensive.  The plan is to just take a few breaks during the day and jump.  I also understand that jumping helps increase your bone density.  Who knows it might also increase my vertical leap for basketball.

I have started with 10 minute jumps.  That gets my heart rate up in no time and is a nice break from work.  Yes, I get a few stares and yes, I skip like a school girl right now but in time I’ll have the rhythm and look like Muhammad Ali preparing for the next fight or Rocky going for the championship.

Jump roping teaches timing and timing is a essential part of Jiu-Jitsu.  It can mean the difference between a successfully executed escapes or submissions.


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  1. Hey thanks for this. see i rolled with someone at my jujitsu place and it last for 15 min. and i was just really outta breath, finally my stamina ran out and i couldn’t keep up and he eventually got me in a rear naked choke.

  2. How did jumping rope help you? Do you still do it?

    I’m looking for ways to better my JJ stamina, other than “just rolling more”.


    1. It went great during the summer. I had regular time each day to jump and I enjoyed being out in the air. I felt an energy boost and I had more stamina during class. Then winter came . . . I fell out of my daily habit with the cold. I didn’t like jumping in the house. I hit things with the rope and the kids wanted to be in the middle of it. I am not doing it right now during winter. I am working on expanding my breathing capacity: https://jiujitsumap.com/brazilian-jiu-jitsu/increasing-your-lung-capacity-and-breathing-for-better-bjj/

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