Body Bugg – What they don’t tell you

Don’t get me wrong.  The bio feed back I have gotten from my Body Bugg has made all the difference in my weight loss.  Its the forced reliance on their website that ticks me off.  I bought the watch too thinking that I would use that after my introductory subscription ended to the website.  At lest then my $350 investment would still be useful and not sitting in a drawer collecting dust.  After my subscription ended I continued to use my Body Bugg just like I’d planned.  I was happy.  After a while I didn’t need to be “Bugged” any more.  I had a good idea what I was eating and how many calories I was burning.  I stopped wearing it.  Time passed and I got slothful.  I noticed I had gained weight and I decided to start using my Bugg again.  But after adding new batteries it wouldn’t synchronize with my watch.  Come to find out when its batteries had died its memory was erased.  I had to sign up for a subscription to get it configured again for use!  I was ticked but once again, paying $9 for one a month subscription was cheaper then buying some other unknown system and finding out its gotchas later.  I’m still “Bugged” and doing great.

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