iRobot Roomba Scooba 5999 Remanufactured Robot Floor Washer – Review

I had purchased a iRobot Roomba 560 for my wife for Christmas.  It turned out to be a great hit with my wife and family.  When I saw a chance to get a Scooba for 60% off, I took a chance.  The Scooba 5999 is the remanufactured or refurbished version of the Scooba 5800.  I was a little nervous about it being reworked.  I decided to spend the extra $10 and get a year warrantee with it.  If it does have problems I’m covered.  I purchased mine at but I notice they are now sold out.   You can also get one at but not for as good a deal.

My wife was pleasantly surprised when it arrived.  Score one for the husband!  She set it up in no time and it was off and cleaning. 

My expectations were:

  1. That it would lessen the amount of work that my wife needed to do in cleaning the floor.
  2. That the floor would stay cleaner.
  3. That I would not have to dance around her Floor Steamer that she would leave out.
  4. That I wouldn’t have to worry about when I shouldn’t walk into the kitchen because the floor was wet.

It meet all my expectations.  With kids there is always something being spilled or dropped.  The Scooba can do a bi-daily cleaning without my wife and I don’t stick to the floor.  I love how it suctions up the water after it mops.  My wife only feels the need now to do her floor cleaning once a week.  I don’t have to worry.

Like the iRobot Roomba 560 it isn’t the end all of floor cleaning.  It does a nice surface job.  You work less to keep things clean.

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