Insinkerator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal Review – Do It Yourself

Our Kenmore 6010 garbage disposal died this week.  How do I know it died and wasn’t just jammed?  You unplug the disposal.  On the bottom of the disposal is a hex head or nut.  You stick a hex screw driver or allen wrench in it and you can turn the motor in the garbage disposal from outside.  This way you avoid putting precious finger in it.  When I turned it on it sounded like it was bound up.  I manually turned the motor and something thing dropped inside.  I thought it might be a fork or spoon so I uninstalled or removed the disposal from the sink.  I checked inside with it unplugged.  Nothing was in there.  I think a brush had worn out on the electric motor.

I went shopping for a new garbage disposal at my local Home Depot.  I couldn’t wait for a better deal to ship from online.  If you can wait you can get it for less at – Insinkerator Evolution Essential (click to see it).  I’m getting ahead of my self.  I picked the Insinkerator Evolution Essential.  Why?  There were only two brands offered at Home Depot.  The Badger (click to see it), which had horrible reviews and the Evolution which had great reviews.  Of the models offered I picked the Essential because for the money it had the best features.  To go up to the Excel (click to see it) I didn’t feel I was getting that much more, only the triple grinding (Multi-grind Plus) for $100 more dollars and shiny stainless steel no one would ever see.  The unit I picked has double grinding (Multi-grind) and was far more quite then my old disposal.

How did the install go?  Very smooth!  The instructions were a little hard to follow but I had researched online how to do it ahead of time and that helped. The two things that didn’t come with the disposal where the power cord and plumber putty.  I salvaged the cord from my old Kenmore.  I think it was a good Green idea (reuse, recycle, reduce) to reuse the others power cord.  You can also buy the cord on line, InSinkErator CRD-00 Power Cord Kit (click to see it).  I picked up the plumber putty at Home Depot when I picked up the new garbage disposal. 

Uninstalling the old unit proved difficult.  It hadn’t been installed correctly and had rusted around the locking ring.  The new Insinkerator went on fine when I realized I needed to take the snap ring off so I could disassemble the parts to separate the sink flange for mounting.  I did have to shorten the discharge tube or pipe to get it to fit.  The Evolution has rubber couplings that help keep the vibration down.  I made sure they were free to take the vibrations.

To sum it up my wife and I are very happy with our new garbage disposal and its installation.

Things to remember:

  1. Purchase Plumber Putty.
  2. Salvage from the old unit the power cord or buy the InSinkErator CRD-00 Power Cord Kit (click to see it)
  3. Take the snap ring off to disassemble mounting pieces.
  4. Flip the rubber sink baffle before installation.
  5. Pop out the dishwasher inlet tab if you are hooking it to a dishwasher.

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