The Eight Stages of Recovery After Being Choked Out

We practice choking someone out all the time in BJJ but no one ever tells you what happens when you get in a real world situation and what it will be like.  Here is what I have gathered from sources that have choked some one out in real street fights.  This is step by step what happens from what I’ve gathered.

  1. The person being choked starts to be sluggish.
  2. The person goes limp.
  3. The choke is released but there is no response from the person.
  4. The person starts to come around in a minute and may go ridged.
  5. The person becomes conscious after a couple of minutes.
  6. The person slowly regains muscle control.
  7. The person experiences some temporary memory loss and is confused.
  8. The person is back to normal.

Because Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the “Gentle Art” the out come should be that both parties are unhurt when it the conflict is over.  This seems to be the case in all fights I have heard about where choking was involved.  As for Arm-Bars that is a whole different topic.

If you have some insight or stories to share that add to this please do comment.  I’d like to know more finite details if you have any to share.

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  1. one of my friends went into a seizure for about 5 seconds, then woke up and was fine.

    another experience is when they SUCK AIR! its like the body goes into breath mode and it sounds like snoring, they come back not knowing what the hell happened if they go to that suck air mode.

    1. So the “suck air” sounds like snoring? Maybe they the same thing that causes you to snore like relaxed muscles in the throat is the same thing that is happening.

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