Name My Submission Master Grappling Dummy Contest

sprawl-rash-guard I am giving away a new long sleeve Sprawl Rash Guard shirt (Retail Price: $38.50) for the best original name for my Submission Master grappling dummy.  So far the names submitted by my family are:

Dummy (by my 3 year old)

Grap (by my 6 year old)

Grawp (by my wife) Hagrid’s giant brother.

Thud (by me)  Its the sound he makes each time he falls over.

Submit your name in a comment to this post.  A name will be chosen in time for the Sprawl Rash Guard to be shipped to you before Christmas.

Have you seen a Submission Master Grappling Dummy before?  If not here is a picture of mine:Submission Master 1 I’ve only had it for about 3 days now and I must say over all I’m liking it.  I’ve started a morning and evening drill routine with the Submission Master.  I used my post entitled Improving Muscle Memory with a Solo Daily Drill routine to help me outline what I want to do and accomplish.  For starters it has already improved my Triangle Choke.  I always hate seeing the guy I’m trying to practice on go beet red.  You want to work at your Triangle Choke to get better but you know how uncomfortable it is for the guy you are doing it on.  With the Submission Master I can work at it and try new things out over and over without the live partner.

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  1. I’d say a fitting name as any would be ‘outlet’ as in outlet for your frustrations and inate desire to rip someones arm off with a sold camora.

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