How To Use the Submission Master Grappling Dummy To Increase Muscle Memory

I’ve had my Submission Master Grappling Dummy now for about 1 month.  I’ve been using him in a daily drill routine that I formulated.  I have to say I really like my Submission Master and last night it paid off.  I’d been work on the Triangle Choke, Arm Bar from Guard, Triangle Choke to Arm Bar, and Arm Bar from Mount.  I got 3 of the 4 last night in class.  What I really liked about my drilling with the Submission Master was that it gave me the physical feedback that helped reinforce my muscle memory.  The more repetitions I did the easier it seemed to notice my chances for a submission and connect on them.  For example I was having a hard time getting the transition from a failed Triangle Choke to a Arm Bar.  I kept putting the wrong leg under the guys chin.  After doing reps on the Submission Master for a week I instinctively transitioned from the Triangle to the Arm Bar.  I’ve also noticed that working with the Submission Master has helped me realize how I need to lift my hips up toward the head as I work for submissions like the ones I’ve talked about.  I know I keep blogging about it but with good reason.  I’m seeing success and want to share what I’ve found out.

We all know that the more reps you put in the better you muscle memory.  We also all can’t spend every waking moment at the gym or dojo.  Using the Submission Master has become a good way for me to satisfy my BJJ addiction.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed posts. I have been wondering about which dummy to get. This is really helpful. I am getting the same dummy. yes it is not cheap, but then when you love the art….

  2. Thanks for the good info on the Submission Master Dummy.
    BTW your links go to and after searching around I found the site is actually at

  3. I really appreciate you spending the time to make all these posts with your findings. Like you, I have been intersted in this dummy and a little skeptical of the price/value.

  4. Do you think the Submission Master helped you get your blue belt in only 8 months?

    How many times per week do you train?

    Do you still use the dummy? Do you still feel it was worth the money?

    I’m considering getting one.

    Can you send me a copy of the routine you used to do drills on the dummy?


    1. Jason,

      It did help me tremendously achieve my blue belt faster. I train 2 times a week at the least and other odd times as the urge hits me. I use the dummy all the time to try out new things on and drill. I do think it is worth the money unless you have another person who is willing to be the dummy at your becking call. My routines vary according to what I’ve learned in class that week. What I want to do better at this week and what I feel like for the day. This week I will be working on dropping the dummy from a Tomoe-Nage position into a arm bar. I will also be working on the Gi Cross Choke from Guard. Some regulars I’m drilling are the Arm Bar from Guard and Triangle Choke. Its easy to find something you want to improve on and then create a drill around it. Reps make all the difference I’ve decided.

      Hope this helps.

  5. I am privileged enough to have my personal trainer brother attend jiu-jitsu with me, so we tend to work over one another pretty well, but i really want to get one of these grappler dummy’s for the more strenuous techniques like the heel hook and knee bar. What i’d like to know is, has it worn out at all? How much does it weigh? Are the legs in fixed positions or do they mend and mold for maximum realism? I appreciate anything you can tell me, i hate to drop the money and find out it isn’t what i want it to be.

    thanks, and Train hard

    1. Has it worn out at all? Answer: No, it has loosened up some but the stitching is holding fine.
      How much does it weigh? Answer: 70 lbs.
      Are the legs in fixed positions or do they mend and mold for maximum realism? Answer: They are in a fixed position. They don’t have any wires or anything to hold them in place. I find that I can do most knee bars with it. Heel hooks are do-able but not as easy.

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