Secrets of the Single Leg Take Down or Shot

This is a continuation from my post 6 Steps of The Shot or Take Down from the Take Down Seminar at West Side Jiu Jitsu.    I’ve covered the double leg take down and its finishes.  Now I am going to blog on the single.

Some of the secrets Clint shared with us were:

  1. Your head should always be on the inside when doing a single leg take down.  This keeps the target’s hips in check, avoids being flattened, and the Guillotine.
  2. Hips in and Head Up.  Your posture can make or break this technique.  You need to keep your hips in and your head up to get the power you need and to avoid losing control of the shot.
  3. Keep you target off balance.  Once you have the leg if you keep moving the target around until you get the position you want for the finish he won’t be able to go on the offensive.
  4. Lock the leg to you and not you to the leg.  He show how to hold the leg and at the same time be able to quickly let go or react if needed.

In the video Clint talks about how he doesn’t use the double leg take down against big guys and how the single is easier to recover from if you fail in the shot.  I will continue with posts on the finishes he showed next.

Here is the video:

Secrets To The Single Leg Take Down or Shot

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4 Replies to “Secrets of the Single Leg Take Down or Shot”

  1. Those are great points.

    I’m a wrestling coach and it is crucial that you put your forehead in his ribs. This keeps your opponent extended and takes away most of his defense.

    It is also important to know how to defend a single leg. This type of single leg should be defended by pushing his head down and to the outside while squaring your hips and stomping your foot down.

    I found a video of John Smith, teaching the defence to a low level single leg take down. John Smith was a 2 time olympic gold medalist and he’s the coach for Oklahoma State. He is hte master of the low level single so I thought that he would be the best guy to teach the defense.

    How do you defend the low level.

    1. I liked the video Curt. But I’m not sure it applies as well to BJJ. We did practice defense in the seminar but I was out of memory and couldn’t take any. I’ll have to do a blog on what I remember.

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