Top 10 Gi or Kimono Rankings

Georgette tipped me off to the close out sales happening at Atama right now. After searching around I found a Mundial #5, red, A4 that I liked.  I purchased it for $50 off list price.  I’ve been looking for another gi or kimono to help give my Koral MKM Urban Camo a break.  Its starting to show signs of wear on the collar.  I really have been happy with my Koral.  With the exception of one patch having to be sown partially back on it has been great.  I started my Jiu Jitsu training in a HSU Judo gi.  I blogged about the differences between it and my Koral MKM in: Koral MKM Kimono vs HSU Kodokan Gi.  The Koral MKM is my only gi I use right now and I decided I need another to spread out the wear.  My Submission Master Grappling Dummy now wears the HSU.  I’ve heard good things about Atama and a good number of guys wear them at my school.  I will be sure to do a review about the differences between the Koral MKM and the Atama Mundial #5 after I get it.  Next I need to find a competition gi.  Urban camo and red aren’t accepted in most cases.  I need something in white, blue, or black.  I’ve heard that Koral and Atama are in the top 10 for gis but I haven’t been able to find any real rankings anywhere. Here is a guess based upon brands I see in competition:

  1. Koral
  2. Vulkan
  3. Atama
  4. ISAMI
  5. Gameness
  6. Lucky
  7. Venum
  8. Fuji
  9. HCK
  10. Keiko

Tell me the which and in what order you think they are.

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  1. My first gi was the ProForce Judo gi. If I ever get a dummy, he will inherit that one. I have an Atama and Gameness and am happy with both of them. I also bought a gi when I was in Brazil and it’s my favorite ( it ended up being about $140 after currency conversion. It’s great because it’s 1) pre-shrunk 2) has a back made from a single piece of material (won’t rip along the skirt or have the seam dig into your back when some fat guy is crushing you 3) the outside feels like sandpaper (when I cross-face someone I can really put some stank on it!).

    I am jealous of the Lucky Gi, but I can’t justify $250 on one gi (at least not until my jits gets WAY better). If you want to check out the other gis before ordering it, just ask someone in your gym who has one if you can try it on. I’m a little doughy in the midsection and I swear some of these gis are designed for Manorexics, so it’s good to try one on before ordering it.

  2. So… the Lucky is worth the money, but why not just haunt Ebay? Got mine, worn barely, for $67 there.

    I will say I bought a pair of Krugans pants on ebay for $.99 (ripped knee) to play with tiedyeing… then discovered I loved the fit and feel so much, I didn’t want to risk ruining them, so I’ve patched the knee and they’re my favorites. If you are a little fluffy like me, those Krugans are a nice fit! (Whereas the Lucky and the Gameness pants are a little slimmer cut…)

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