How Does a Technique Get Named in BJJ

I’m a Robert Jordan fan.  I just finished the latest Wheel of Time book.  For those of you who don’t read them I’ll skip to the chase.  In the book Robert Jordan describes sword fights in terms of techniques or forms the opponents employ.  A typical sword fight goes some thing like this: "Tand countered ‘The Wind and the Rain’ with ‘Parting the Silk’ and quickly followed up with ‘Unfolding the Fan’ catching Dalic off guard leaving a bloody slash down his right arm".  Doesn’t that sound cool!  With other names like "Cat Dances on the Wall" and "Lion on the Hill" how can you not feel the technique without even seeing it.  So how do BJJ techniques get named?  They get stupid names like "T-Wrap" and "New York".  Most of the time no one knows the name for a given technique or if they do it has more then one and you can’t be sure you are talking about the same thing until you show it.  Even in "The Karate Kid" and Kung Fu movies they have cool names like  "Crane Kick" and "Dragon Seeks the True Path".  We don’t base Brazilian Jiu Jitsu off of animals, I know, but its the concepts they represent that matters.

I guess until a standard naming convention is agreed upon there will always be this confusion.  What is my contribution to this?  I think I’ll start looking on common low level moves that can be summarized and give them a cool name.  Then I will chain them together to form a sentence like the ones above.  Its worth a try even if I only use them to sort it all out for myself.

Share some cool technique names with me that you have come up with.


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