Tapping out the BJJ Pirates of Plagiarism

I just finished reading a post by Meerkatsu entitled "Gracie Barra Website Piracy Claim" along with one by slideyfoot on 10th Planet plagiarizing his posts.  Even my own instructor has had his site ripped off.  He posted about it in Biting My Blog.  I’ve had a few minor "bites" myself.  Its sad but true the Internet lends it self to plagiarism.  How do you protect yourself or can you protect yourself?  Slideyfoot had a good idea when he said you can report them to Google as a duplicate site.  You can put a copy write on you site.  You can send a cease-and-desist letter.  But what else?  I noticed that the loyal followers of Meerkatsu started e-mailing Gracie Barra about it.  This seems to have helped get it off the site even thought they weren’t willing to just put Meerkatsu’s name on it.  I think that may be the answer.  If you see something that has been plagiarized let the site know you don’t like it.  After all they don’t want their readers ticked at them.  The more people who voice their displeasure the more likely they are to tap out.

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  1. I’ve come across some of my articles posted on other sites, but they were at least kind enough to give me credit for them. No one asked permission though, they just showed up. That never bothered me, but I wondered if there are articles I’ve written where I wasn’t credited. My rule is that if I’m wanting to repost someone elses article, I contact them first and ask permission. It’s just good manners. I don’t think people realize the large readership and followership of Jiu-Jitsu blogs.

    1. I have only stumbled over them during Google searches. From looking at Meerkatsu’s post I’d says how can you miss it on a major site. I am making it a policy to tell any of the site I read if I come across something stole from them.

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