Jiu Jitsu For the Not So Happy Holidays

Why is it that December ends up being the "Worst Time of the Year" instead of the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year".  I’ve had to travel for work this month.  I haven’t had to for over 3 years until December.  I’ve had the family all get the flu but me.  I then got sick after they all got better.  All in all, I’ve only got in one BJJ class in 3 weeks!  So much for Jiu Jitsu for the holidays!  If it wasn’t for my DVD’s and Submission Master Grappling Dummy I wouldn’t get to do any BJJ it seems like.  To top it all off I read on SteveBjj.com about Haydn Clasby.  Can you have a worse holiday?  I donated what I could to help because I can’t imagine how he must feel right now.  His whole life is going to change now and to top it off he won’t be doing BJJ ever again.

I think we get far to stressed this time of year.  My bosses father had a heart attack last week.  The list goes one.  It reminds me of my instructor, Mark Johnson, telling us to slow it down during practice.  He says something to the effect that if you have a guiding spirit during your roll it should be the "spirit of the sloth".  Lets all slow it down this year and enjoy the holidays.  Happy Holidays to everyone reading this.

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  1. I know how you feel. But life ebbs and flows. I just can’t imagine how difficult things will be for Haydn Clasby’s family in the coming months or even years, but with luck, he’ll respond well to surgery. Medicine has come a long way, and while not cheap, some amazing things can be done.

    Take care!

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