New Years Jiu Jitsu Goals for 2010

Time to set new goals again.  I hope blogging about them will help me achieve them this year.  I didn’t write them down last year.  I’ve forgotten what they even were.  So if I achieved them or not I don’t know.  I read a newspaper article that said you should write your top ten goals each morning.  You don’t look at what you wrote the day before.  This causes the most important to "bubble up" or remain on the list at all.  The goal should be achievable in one year.  I figure its worth a try.  Here are my ten to start the new year for BJJ.

  1. Increase my stamina
  2. Tap out some one I never have before in my school
  3. Compete in a tournament
  4. Post a blog to 5 days each week
  5. Get up early every morning and drill with my Submission Master Grappling Dummy (I’m not a morning person)
  6. Increase my flexibility
  7. Read all my Jiu-Jitsu Books from cover to cover. (Even the ones I buy new this year)
  8. Watch all my Jiu-Jitsu DVDs. (Even the ones I buy new this year).
  9. Keep my BJJ Journal up to date.
  10. Know all the purple belt requirements.

Here is my list to start the new year off.  I’ll try and blog about how I progress and what I can check off.

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