The Greatest is the Least in Jiu Jitsu

We live in a society of multi-million dollar sport super stars.  Their spoiled arrogant behavior is shown often on the nightly news.  They are highlighted in newspapers and magazines as they face criminal and civil charges.  The sad thing is they are idolized by millions.  They have skill and technique that have brought them fame but they lack the other half that truly makes them great.  As I read John Will’s post about Chuck Norris and Rigan Machado I read about that other half.  I’m talking about humility, kindness, generosity, . . . the list goes on.  John Will may have trained many time with Chuck Norris and Rigan Machado.  What does he remember?  Oh, I’m sure he has improved his martial arts from working with them.  What he really got was a lesson in being truly great.  I am sure he would say it was a privilege to be in their company.  To be in the company of someone that is great but is the least is what will make them legends never to be forgotten.  Sports super starts come and go.  They are forgotten as others with great sports prowess rise into the lime light.  Those that are never forgotten are the ones like John Will says "with a heart of gold". Rigan Machado is coming to Utah in January .  After reading John’s post I can’t wait to be there.

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