Using Mental Rehearsal or Visualization To Improve your Jiu-Jitus

I’ve been blogging a lot about throws and takedowns for use in BJJ.  I’ve ordered a few books and done some training in class.  But I don’t get enough physical practice.  I just don’t have the time or partner to do it as often as I would like.  In fact I’m still sore from the last class.  I was thinking about one of the winter Olympics where I saw a downhill skier practicing for the race with his eyes closed standing in place.  He was mentally going down the slope in his mind.  He would weave and bob as if going around turns.  I begin to wonder if I could do the same with techniques in BJJ.  I Googled to find out if there was a technique to it.  I found Improve Your Sport Performance with Visualization Techniques.  It was a quick read and reinforced what I was already thinking.  In fact I realized that each night after class when I am having trouble falling to sleeps its because I am doing just that, visualizing what I did in class, both the good and bad.  I find myself tense and twitching as I go over it.  With that in mind I have begun to consciously think through the throws I want to master.  I try to see it in my minds eye and feel it in my body as I go through the technique.  Will it improve my BJJ?  I think it already has.  Yes, its lead to some insomnia and hasn’t been well ordered but now that I recognize what I’m doing subconsciously I’ll stream line it.  If it works for Olympic champions it can work for me.

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  1. I am a big fan of visualization as well. I rehearse moves constantly in my ‘mind’s eye.’ It also helps me to visualize a new technique I want to try just before I slap hands with my opponent.

    I am also a big fan of solo drilling. It was a huge part of my Judo training (green belt) and now BJJ training. I have quite a few submissions, sweeps, etc., that I have learned outside of class but have been able to pull off without a hitch due to drilling at home alone.

    1. That is what I’m depending on it helping me to do also. When I have down time I want to still be progressing. Do you do anything in particular to help you concentrate and get into the mental groove for maximum visualization?

  2. Honestly, I think about BJJ so often that the visualization occurs naturally, especially if I am working on a particularly tricky technique.

    In my solo drills I usually play a video clip while going through the technique to help me visualize the movement and to be exact as possible. Some people put down solo drills and say mat time is best, which it is. But since I can’t always go to class my solo drills help me maintain my level of skill and in some cases I return to class and pull off techniques I have never been able to do.

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