How To Get Underhooks from Guard

The same night I hurt my thigh I learned a sweet technique from one of our purple belts named Chris.  Now I’m not the best at describing techniques but here it goes.

You have your opponent in Guard.  You opponent is laying on you with underhooks.  You want to get underhooks on him. I place my palms in his eye sockets.  I push him back and quickly with my right arm loop or swim around his arm and place a fist between our chests.  I draw back in my left arm.  The fist gives some space to turn my left elbow into the space created by the fist and place it between us.  Then I can swivel my left arm and get the first underhook.  Now I release my hold with my right arm and swim in for the second underhook.   I have reversed the underhook.  Its all about createing and maintaining space so that you can maneuver your arms.

I’m going to get a tripod so I can mount my iPhone or Flip UltraHD Camcorder and start creating videos of these with my Submission Master Grappling Dummy.  I’m a visual person and don’t do as well with text descriptions.

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  1. Sounds like a really interesting technique. Never though of using my fist in between to creat space. I would really like to see the video if you get one done, as I am a visual learner as well.

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