Four Steps to Obtainable Goals For BJJ

Did you set yourself resolutions at the beginning of the New Year?  Have you already fallen off the wagon?  Martin Rooney, a combat athlete trainer and author of Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout was interview on  He gave four steps for creating obtainable goals.

  1. Write them down.
  2. Set a time period.
  3. Be realistic. (You won’t make black belt in one year)
  4. Publish your goals.

I blogged about mine (written and published).  I think they are realistic.    But I forgot something very important.  I didn’t set dates to accomplish them.  I guess I’m going to have to reassess them.  I like Mr. Rooney’s analogy about driving.  You don’t go for a dive without a destination.  Why set a goal without a direction.  He gave another about three frogs on a log.  Two of the frog decide to jump off.  How many frogs are on the long?  It stumped Caleb, who was doing the interview.  Did it you?  The answer is 3.  Deciding isn’t the same as doing.  Mr. Rooney’s point was too many of us decide on a good course of action but never do it.  I think I’m guilty of that.  With a open ended time period I’ve got a the rest of my life time to meet my goals.  I’ll post the revised list with the time schedules.  Then I won’t end up being a frog on a log come January 2011.

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