Book Review of Rogue Black Belt – Book Two By John B. Will

A little while back I did a review on John B. Will’s Book "Rogue Black Belt – Book One".  I have since got "Rogue Black Belt – Book Two" and read it.  Mr. Will picks up were he left off in book one and keeps moving on at a amazing pace.  I know that this books spans years but it feels like it happens in a few months.  Any one who goes to  Mr. Will’s website knows he teaches Machado BJJ.  In book two we learn all about how he got started.  If you are a Aussie and want to know how BJJ came to Australia you need to read this book.  It is a important history also of the rise of BJJ in America.  Mr. Will has a first hand account concerning important events in the lives of Rorion Gracie and Rigan Machado.  He meet Renzo Gracie when he was a brown belt and talks about time spent with the Gracies and their cousins the Machados, in Brazil.  I was very interested in their training practices and philosophies at the time Mr. Will was introduced to BJJ.  As before the book is packed with practical advice and life lessons Mr. Will learned along the way.  It made me long to back my bags move to Brazil and train.  Its a great book.  You will enjoy reading it if you are a fan of any martial art.

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  1. Cool: so, the vast majority of the book is awesome BJJ history? The only thing that concerned me when looking at the editorial review is that this book is couched as ‘life-coaching’, which doesn’t interest me at all. BJJ history, on the other hand, interests me immensely.

    Is there a lot of ‘self-help’ stuff?

    1. To give you a better idea about 8 chapters deal with BJJ history. There are 20 chapters in the book. Each chapter is 10 pages. They each consist of a story that leads up to a single quote or thought that is the “life lesson”. For me it was a great read. For some one how already knows a lot of BJJ history and is reading it just for that it might not be new news.

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