Steps to Memorizing a BJJ Technique For Mastery

I see new techniques every time I go to class.  Some really impress me and I remember them.  Some impress me and I forget them.  I’ve been looking for a way to commit them to memory so that I can work to master them.  But how should I go about it?  In John B. Will’s book "Rogue Black Belt – Book Two" he gives his method in 4 steps.  He says:

  1. "I pay very close attention"
  2. "I begin to develop understanding"
  3. "I practice it"
  4. "I’ve always taken notes"

Part of my problem is that I roll at the end of class and then drive home.  Some thing always distracts me and I don’t get that nights class into my BJJ Journal.  A day or so later I remember and try to write down what happened.  I forget or lose a lot of the details.  I am also a visual learner and my text descriptions don’t do the techniques justice.  I have thought about getting a video of each method after class and creating a video journal.  I noticed that my instructors BJJ Journal has excellent drawing of "crash dummy" type figures doing the moves.  That would require me to get some art skills.  What do you do to help memorize or internalize BJJ techniques you want to learn?

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  1. I write it down in a journal too. I do a decent job describing the intricacies of techniques, so when I read through it later I can visually recreate the technique in my head and try to take it to class the next day.

  2. I ask a lot of questions during drilling of instructors and whoever I am rolling with. Sometimes noobs will take this as license to become instructors on everything following that but I ultimately I am there to learn so I deal with it.

    Also, when I go through my solo drills on the days I don’t attend class I practice things we practiced in class so I don’t forget.

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