Finding a First Sports Hero in BJJ

When I was growing up I didn’t pay that much attention to sports.  The first real figure I remember was Robby Bosco who played quarterback for BYU.  I only thought he was cool because he autographed a piece of paper for me and my Dad seemed to think he was cool.  As I grew up I liked figures like Michele Jordan but felt they didn’t have all the qualities I wanted in a sports hero.  I’m 39 now and thought myself far passed idolizing a sports hero until Rigan Machado came along.  I’m not saying I’m sold yet.  He is holding a seminar in Utah on March 6th (January 30th Seminar was moved).  I’m going to it of course.  I’ve got to meet him in person.  I’ve read and heard so many first hand accounts about him.  I want to see if he is as humble and great as they say.  To often people who are in the spotlight get mauled with affection and more, hence the paparazzi.  They become mean and in my opinion with good reason.  Some become spoiled and arrogant.  Its kind of like that old saying "Total power totally corrupts".  All that attention and fawning changes them for the worst.  I hope to find out that Rigan Machado is everything he has been made out to be.  If so, I think I just found my first sports hero in BJJ and Rigan Machado.

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  1. A few days ago I stumbled upon your site while searching google for tips and tricks for bowling. Your site wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was very informational otherwise. Now I find myself continuing to read more and more posts and I love it!

  2. Hi Jason,
    my name is John Will – one of Rigan MAchado’s original students (started in 1987)and I must concur, he is a beautiful (if scatterbrained) person. Rigan has a heart of gold – and is a BJJ genius to boot. You will love the time you spend in his company. I saw your tutorial on shooting the single – well done! You have a very nice way with your teaching – I like it! A fan
    John WIll

    1. John,

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately that is not me in the video you watched but one of my fellow students. His name is Clint.

      How To Do The Single Leg Take Down or Shot –

      I have read your books and enjoying reading your blog. I have also been following Ronin’s progress. I’m glad to see he his recovering.

      Thank you for your insights on Rigan Machado. I was your books that first brought him to my attention and later spawned this post.

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