Triangle Every Which Way But Loose!

I have to say that the Triangle Choke is in the top 10 of my favorite submission techniques.  I have been searching high and low for a copy of Rigan Machado’s book and DVD titled "Triangle".  While searching I came across this awesome demonstration of the Triangle Choke by Rigan.

Rigan Machado – Triangle Choke

You have to admire his technique.  I never thought of folding the leg over the arm to pass it.  He is as smooth as silk.  Then the spin to Triangle, wow!  To look at him you might wonder if he is in adequate physical shape and then you see him move.  He is a true master.  I like how he uses his leg to move the arm forward.  He knows how to use technique instead of brute force.  The other night I had a guy set up for a Triangle Choke but I couldn’t get the arm forward.  I wish I had seen this before hand.  I’ll work on it and maybe next time, eh?!

If anyone knows where I might buy a copy of the Triangle book and DVD please let me know.  I hear it is really good.

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2 Replies to “Triangle Every Which Way But Loose!”

  1. I actually have this book and the accompanying DVD. I was thinking of selling it on eBay because I am paring down my collection of jitsu stuff so that my GF doesn’t call Hoarders on me.

    The book is very good. There are lots of pictures to show the moves, but not that much text. The DVD shows most of the moves in the book and gives you a few drills to do to help the triangle.

    I used to like the triangle also because it works great against larger opponents, but lately i’ve avoided it altogether because I don’t like getting stacked and my neck gets tweaked very easily.

    If you really want it, they sell used copies on amazon, but they start at $125, which I think is a lot of money for a book and dvd.

    1. Ya, I found it on eBay after my post. $125 for used hurts. I’m hoping to find a cheaper source. Forking out that kind of cash for a DVD is hard to do. Even for one that has good reviews.

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