Armbar the One You Love

As we all know its Valentines Day Sunday.  So why not say it Jiu-Jitsu style with an armbar!  Flowers, chocolates, and cards are a fleeting reminder of your affection.  On the other hand a good armbar will be a treasured memory for years.  After all, sometimes we hurt the ones we love.  In later years, if you are still together, your loved one will look back on that extra special Valentines Day and say "Remember that year you gave me an armbar for Valentines Day?  You dislocated my elbow!  I could have killed you!  Now I look back on it and laugh."  Yes, unforgettable moments are made just like this.  So this year, spare cupid wasting a arrow.  Use your best takedown or throw and let them know you care by finishing it with a armbar.

Brought to you by TLJ ("Tough Love Jits") where our motto is "Pain is everyone’s gain".

Hope you liked the funny post.

One Reply to “Armbar the One You Love”

  1. I can see girlfriends and wifes everywhere, thanking you heartily for this wonderful suggestion :-))

    In principle, good idea. It’s ecologically friendly, doesn’t harm small animals and no trees were felled in the making. In practice, I think it could seriously endanger some otherwise happy relationships.

    But in that same silly vein: how about some TLC (tender loving choke)? Be her Valentine! Put her to sleep 😉

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