Where Do You Wear Your Gi?

When I first started BJJ I of course noticed some of the more flamboyant kimonos right off.  I noticed that some of those wearing them came walking into the school with them on.  I was surprised to find out that they wore them in public.  I thought for my personality that was way to flashy.  I wouldn’t want to call attention to myself in a white one let alone brightly colored gi.  But as time went on I got a Urban Camo Koral MKM and later a red Atama Mundial #5.  One night my wife called me and asked me to pick up something from the grocery store on the way home from class.  At first I thought "no way" but then I felt that Jiu-Jitsu confidence come over me and pride in what I practice.  So in I went in my Koral.  I got looks and stares.  Some people avoided eye contact with me.  I even got a complement from the check out girl.  She said she liked my jacket.  I said "thank you" and explained it wasn’t jacket but a gi.  Now if on my way to or from class I need to stop and get something in my gi I am not shy at all.  What next?  Family functions?  Who knows!  Some one needs to start selling clothing based off of the gi.  You could market it as fight wear for those who love the gi.

So where do you wear your gi or kimono?

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  1. First I started doing as you described, wearing it into the grocery store on the way home. (Have yet to get any comments, though I also rock the unusual colors. And usually look like I was just dragged through a hedge backwards.)

    Then, I actually wore it out to eat after class. Yeah, I was sweaty, but not stinky, and I live too far away to go home first. If I’d planned ahead I could have showered at the school. I just threw on a dry tshirt over my gi pants and no one said anything.

    Since then I have worn gi pants at least (with a sweatshirt or tshirt) into various stores, my office, restaurants of varying formality from casual outdoor cafes to nicey-nice European places (albeit that one was to grab a late-night dessert, and the chef is a friend and fellow jitsuka.)

  2. Funny. I just had a conversation after class about this topic.

    We only have one bathroom at our school, so there is always a line to change…so long sometimes I miss the beginning of the warm up waiting to change into my gi.

    Yesterday, while I was waiting to change, someone said “Why don’t you just wear your gi to class?”

    Uhh… Duh.

    It never even occurred to me that I should leave my house in my gi…and when I started thinking about why I didn’t wear it to class, I thought about having to wear it home, and we normally stop and grab a bite to eat after class.

    I have yet to do it, but I think I might start wearing my gi out. My gi pants are blue and black and both of those could almost pass as actual pants.

    Fun post. =)

  3. HAHA yes I get dressed before class and have popped into shops etc on the way before/after class, but being winter my top half is usually covered with a winter coat. But my highly patched trousers do get some odd stares.
    But why be shy everyone? Let’s all wear our kimonos in public with pride!!

  4. funny like Stephanie, i just wore my gi in public yesterday and read this post. i didn’t want to change at the gym and decided to drive quickly back home. but stopped at the grocery store to pickup some bananas and milk. well i could go in with my gi pants and t-shirt but decided to wear jacket also. (new fuji blue is shiny) anyway, it felt normal and nobody seems bother. next step is bigger supermarket.

  5. You people can make whatever justification that makes you feel better, but this is just you wanting to show off. It’s cocky and stupid. I can certainly understand having to stop somewhere after and not having time to change, but I fail to understand why you would keep the jacket on… No doubt, if all you have on is underwear on your pants you of course keep them on, but keeping the jacket it on is pure cock. Like you seriously have no shirt… lol you just made excuses for yourself, total unchecked pride.

  6. Wait a minute…. unchecked pride? How is it wanting to show off ? Dressing in what most people would consider a childrens’ martial arts uniform or halloween costume? Adults in jiu jitsu gi’s in supermarkets likely look a bit odd but I wouldn’t think of it as showing off. Yes, it’s a bit of a quirky move but not unchecked pride.

    Actually, who are you and why do you feel that your opinion matters (even a little). Check your ego. You’ve found a group of people who seem to be quite happy doing as they are and you’ve come to judge, piss and moan about the whole thing. What if it’s cold? What if is there is no shirt. What if the rash guard or shirt is covered with sweat. You’re a bigger @#%$!@#@ if you take off a warm jacket to specifically “not” look like a guy in a jiu jitsu gi because some random &$#@!#$@$ on a forum said it is bad to do so.

    Glad to revive a 3 year old post. Wear what you want and !@@!$@$^$ this guy for trying to rain on your parade.

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