That Hurt! So Why Am I Laughing?!

Tonight we practiced some Judo throws.  I’ve got them on video and I’ll post them after I get the names documented correctly.  We practiced falling properly and went right into it.  After a while it goes without saying you hurt.  Throw to the left, throw to the right, stand up, throw down, until you get it right.  So why did I find myself laughing each time I hurt?  Its true I didn’t get injured.  I’m sure if I had cracked a rib or ripped some muscle I wouldn’t have laughed but minor pain had me giggling like a school girl.  I’m going to have some nice bruises on my shins from having my legs swept.  I still laughed when I got my shin kicked.  I was having fun.  I was enjoying BJJ.  But that doesn’t mean I like pain.  So tell me there is a psychological reason for it or at least tell me I’m not alone.  My practice partner come to think of it was laughing too but not as much as I was.  I’m not feeling like I’m a masochist but since when was laughing from pain natural?  I can’t saying any other sport has had such an affect on me.

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2 Replies to “That Hurt! So Why Am I Laughing?!”

  1. I find myself laughing a bit while practiciing takedowns too. I think that it is my natural reaction to laugh when I feel akward though. Takedowns definately make me feel akward, since we dont practice them very often.

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