Hockey Mom vs Jiu-Jitsu Mom

The other night at class it was pointed out that the video I had taken in my post West Side Classic 2010 Kid’s Tournament has one of our West Side girls and that you can hear her Mom rooting for her.  That in and of itself is nothing interesting.  What caught everyone’s attention was the vigor with which the mother was cheering for her girl.  This kind, gentle, and mild mannered lady had transformed into a Jiu-Jitsu Mom!  We all have heard of Hockey or Soccer Moms.  They don’t hold a candle to a Jiu-Jitsu Mom.  In fact if a Hockey Mom did get a check on a Jiu-Jitsu Mom they would land with the Hockey Mom in a arm bar.  Are you getting the picture?!  Its true that hockey is a rough sport but its not about fighting or at least that’s why I think the puck and goals are used.  A Hockey Mom wants to see her child pull a hat trick while a Jiu-Jitsu Mom wants to see her child choke the other out.  Mothers who support their daughters in Jiu-Jitsu have a warrior mindset I’ve decided.  Lets hear it for Jiu-Jitsu Moms everywhere, hip, hip, hurray!

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