Change is Hard on The Orthodox

I don’t usually like to repost things I see on other sites.  I like to stay original.  But now and again I see something I just can’t leave out of my site.  This was posted by Roy Dean and then by, where I saw it.  The kid has really got it going.  He stuns his wrestling opponents with Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and Judo moves.  It starts right off with him doing what looks like a flying arm bar that he just lets go of.  It gets better as he does Judo takedowns.  The wrestlers just don’t know what to do with him.  They are to used to orthodox methods of wrestling.  One kid has just had to much and faints.  I think he might have been taken down a few times hard.  None of them know how to land like they teach in Judo.  They take the full brunt of the takedowns.  He drags them back from the edges as they try to get away.  At about the 3:14 one kid gets angry and stands up like he wants to fight.  I think he was so surprised by the side control he loses it.  I even think I see him take a punch before standing up.  I understand that the kids coach didn’t want him to learn BJJ.  Time to change coaches I think.

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