Seeing Outside the Pattern in BJJ

I am a software developer by trade.  "I code therefore I am" is my motto.  I knew I wanted to be a programmer in 7th grade.  What on this green earth does that have to do with BJJ you are asking yourself.  Patterns.  Patterns are logical common algorithms to me when it comes to coding and techniques when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu.  These time proven patterns give us blocks for building complex powerful routines.  But to often we become set in our patterns.  We don’t think "outside the box".  I catch myself doing it all the time.  Its the recognition of other possibilities that I enjoy.  Programming and Jiu-Jitsu both give me those eye opening moments regularly.  I then see how it also translates into everyday activities.  The real trick is keeping my mind open.  Open to new ways of doing things.  Here is a little but silly example that happened yesterday.  The diaper collector was full.  It has a special lid that keeps the stink in.  Kind of like a hazardous materials container from a science fiction movie.  My wife changed the baby’s diaper.  I was watching to see if she would shake the collector like I did to compact things and make it so you might get one more diaper in.  Instead she opened the secondary latch used for emptying the thing and stuffed the diaper in.  I was shocked!  Of course, why try and work through the standard approach that was less efficient.  She might have gotten a larger sniff of stink but she accomplished her designs.  She saw a solution where I didn’t.  She looked out side the pattern of . . . diaper entry!  Hilarious as that sounds it translates into programming and BJJ.  Opening yourself to the unknown possibilities of a technique makes you innovative, unique, and successful.  The challenge is to master the pattern and then see outside the pattern.

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