A Love For All Things Japanese

It seems like every time I listen to some Jiu-Jitsu interview, the person says they were in a martial art and then got drawn into BJJ when they saw the power of it.  I was that way.  I did Kendo, Kempo, Wada-Ru, Kishin Kan Karate, . . . and the list goes one.  My time in each of these led me to have a love for most if not all things Japanese.  BJJ was just a extension of that.  I am sure others feel the same way.  I’m going to be remodeling my office soon.  I wasn’t looking forward to it until my wife pointed out I could do it in a Japanese martial art motif.  I lit up like a kid on Christmas morning!  Can you guess what my favorite dish is?  Sushi!  I can pack away a few rolls and some nigiri  anytime, as long as it is a good sushi bar.  I will even pick it over a big juicy steak.  I took Japanese in college.  I did better in it then any language I’ve ever tried.  Its so much easier to use then English.  That Japanese just seem to have all the cool stuff, martial arts, food, language, culture.  Maybe that is why we find them so attractive.  One day I hope to visit if not live in Japan for a while.  I love America and Japan would be my second home.

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  1. I am the same way with sushi. Have to have it at least once a week, and given a choice, I would pick it over a steak any day.

    Sounds like you have a cool project ahead of you.

  2. I was obsessed with all things Japanese and Chinese ever since I first watched Uproar in Heaven at the age of about 1 or 2, up until I worked with a bunch of Japanese people in Canada in 2002, then travelled to China and Hong Kong in 2004. For some reason, that seemed to reduce it, as did moving fully from kung fu to BJJ in 2007.

    Interestingly, I’ve not found myself suddenly obsessed by all things Brazilian: there seems to be less of an overt cultural connection compared to karate, judo etc (I guess for a start, you don’t use many Brazilian terms in BJJ, except for the omoplata and upa).

    Then again, I still have a shelf stacked with old Golden Harvest films and lots of anime. 😉

    I’ve always assumed the main reason people in places like the US and UK get excited about anything Japanese is simply exoticism. The reverse also seems to be true, judging by the success of British brands like Burberry in Japan.

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