Jiu-Jitsu Is Effective For All Ages

I doubt she is a world champion like the video claims but she does the job well enough.  I would say Dad taught her the Rear Naked Choke but forgot to tell her about tapping.  I think it is funny how she is only mildly concerned.  She calls out "Mom!" like "Dad’s playing dead again".  All of my children will be learning BJJ for their self defense.  My oldest daughter isn’t to excited.  Maybe I should show her this video?  Then again lets not give her any ideas, just yet.  What this video really demonstrates is the effectiveness of BJJ for all ages.  Even a full sized man can’t evade a well placed Rear Naked Choke.  The girls doesn’t have strength on her side she has technique.  After all isn’t that what BJJ is about?  The little guy having a even chance with the big one?  I’m sure some would say he could have slammed her around if he was a real attacker.  I’m not to sure about that.  It came on fast and he seemed to think he had time.  By the time he realized it was too late the lights were going out.  I myself have been caught in a ankle lock by a 40lb student at my school.  Everyone has their a Achilles heel.  BJJ just gives you a better chance of exploiting it.

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  1. For real? Interesting video. Regardless it’s true, dad’s and mums up and down the land are enthusiastically teaching their kids the arte suave and in ten-15 years the world will contain BJJ and grappling athletes of such amazing ability. The future of jiu jitsu is in our hands, arms and elbows!

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