Half Guard and Cross Body Escapes

Escape from Half Guard
Escape from Side Control or Cross Body – Inner Arm
Escape from Side Control or Cross Body – Outer Arm

I got video of the beginner class last night.  Please excuse the shaky picture.  Its hard to hold my iPhone still after working out.  But at least this time I kept my thumb off the mic.  Mark, my instructor, went over a Half Guard escape and some Cross Body or Side Control escapes.  As you usual its easier for me to show then tell.  Also thanks to Miles for demonstrating with Mark.  Miles is going to the 2010 Pan Am this week.  We wish him good luck in the tournament and are glad to know West Side Jiu-Jitsu will be represented on the world stage.

Notes from the class:

  1. When trying to escape the Half Guard you may get a submission before escaping if you aren’t extra careful with your knee.  Mark, got a picture of me and placed it on Facebook just as Mile pulled his knee out and smashed me.  Its funny now but not so then. 🙂
  2. The trick to the Side Control or Cross Body escapes is getting your opponent up closer to your face and clearing your shoulder on the bump and twist.  "Once the shoulder is out so are you", like Mark says.

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