The use of Steroids in BJJ Competitions

Olympic athletes are tempted by steroids.  They have been caught taking them (Steroids in the Olympic Games).  I think that is the reason they have testing.  What about BJJ athletes?  I’m sure they aren’t any less susceptible.  So when I heard accusations that a lot of guys at the Pan Am looked like they used them, I begin to wonder.  How prevalent is steroid usage in BJJ?  Is it affecting the out come of tournaments in favor of the users?  I started my search for information posted by other web sites.  I found a quote by Relson Gracie on in the interview done by Caleb Nov. 2009.  Relson said concerning Rolls Gracie "He was strict about his diet. He never took any kind of steroids."  Why would he say "he never took any kind of steroids" unless it was even prevalent during the infancy of  BJJ?  Its like you or I saying "oh, and I’ve never got a speeding ticket".  We know that most everyone have been ticketed for speeding and to say you haven’t ever makes a big statement.  The Home Improvement Ninja is another blog I read.  He posted a blog entitled "Thoughts on Steroids".  Although he doesn’t give a source for his data he states "The surprising thing is that most of the people who use steroids are not professional athletes. They are weekend warriors in the 30s looking for an edge. For them, it’s not about money, it’s about winning."  His statement points to a perception if anything.  What if we had data to back his statement up?  Here to cap off my thoughts is a poll done by  Do You Think Performance Enhancing Substances Are a Problem in Jiu-Jitsu Competitions?

I’ve decided that the landscape of competitors would drastically change if BJJ tournaments started testing for steroids.  I think we would be sadly surprised at who would fail the tests.  Eventually BJJ will have drug testing just like all the other sports if it is to grow.  For now, a blind eye is turned to it.

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