Puke and Roll, Puke and Roll, Repeat

Let me just start off by saying I’ve never puked before, during, or after rolling.  I have been choked to the point I thought I might.  Who knows what the future holds for me.  But as of right now I haven’t.  The other night we had one of our guys getting ready for a MMA fight this Friday.  It was sort of a quick set up and he hadn’t had time to properly prepare.  To help him he asked that we send guys against time in 4 minute intervals.  The idea being the fresh guys coming in one after another would give him a really good work out and help him acclimatize to the stress and fatigue of the fight.  That was my understanding.  It didn’t take much time at all it seemed before he was running into the restroom to puke.  He went right back, to his credit, until he had to puke again.  So the cycle of puke and roll then repeat began.  This soon had the stories going of others puking at tournaments and so forth.  I begin to wonder what would cause it.  Butterflies? They ate to much before training?  A bad burrito?  May be you can share a story or two with me.  What made you puke?


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  1. I have a history of puking while sparring in Karate, so I thought I might have the same problem in Jits, but so far, so good. Of course, my puking is usually proceeded by being punched in the stomach a little too hard, so I’m guessing that’s the cause. I think I’ll be okay in Jiu-Jitsu…as long as no one throws up on ME, or I will be required to return the favor 🙂

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