Gi Donation for West Side After School BJJ

Gi Donation

A few days ago I blogged about "Donate a Gi and Change a Life".  Thank you to all you who responded and sent Mark a gi to help in this worthy effort.  He has posted about the progress in his post "Kindness and Selfless Acts".  I have included a picture from one of the classes.  You may notice they have colored belts.  Its only because that is what was donated.  They are all white belts with what ever could be West-Side-HSJJfound to make do.  The class size varies but is usually around 30 individuals.  I’m sure some of the ladies reading this may notice in the first picture that the gi’s are a bit large on the girls in the class.  I am sure they can sympathize with the difficulties of getting a good fit.  Its time for hot water and tumble try to shrink them up some.

In another year I’m sure we will be bringing large numbers to the local tournaments.  I’m looking forward to seeing West Side represented by these young energetic students who are putting forth the effort and time to learn BJJ.

Jiu-Jitsu is Life and Life is Jiu-Jitsu

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