BJJ Technique “The Giant Johnson”

The Giant Johnson

I didn’t know the name of this technique and I’m sure I embarrassed Mark some by putting his name to it.  We all know that he didn’t invent it any more then Renzo did the Triangle but I had to put some label on it.  You can’t go around calling it the cross-body-shoulder-choke.  He showed it to me so I naturally used his name in it.  I posted this one for Jesse who is learning BJJ and was kind enough to read my blog and post a comment.  Thank you Jeff and Mark for the demonstration.

I think this is a high percentage technique because I usually get it.  I think its simplicity plus the fact it doesn’t feel like something is seriously happening is what makes it so successful.

Last night in class we practiced rolling with our eyes closed.  It was a excellent training tool.  I found in some cases it made absolutely no difference to me that I couldn’t see.  I knew I relied on touch to give me feed back about what was going on in a match but I didn’t realize how much of it I was using compared to my vision.  I think I will have to try it more often.

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  1. If you want a name for it, I’m pretty sure it’s called a Howdy (don’t know why). They teach it at my team as a defense to the side control escape. There’s some people who are really good at that choke (unfortunatley, I’m not one of them).

    1. That’s the trouble with BJJ, there is never one name for a technique. In most cases there isn’t a name at all.

  2. Thanks heaps for the video,
    I’ve seen a different variation to this before, they set it up from
    north/south. I’m unsure if it has a name yet but Dennis “Superman” Hallman had dubbed it “Howdy”.

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