Turtle Side Control Sweep and More on the “Giant Johnson”

Turtle to Side Control Sweep
Giant Johnson Variation 1
Giant Johnson Variation 2

Its amazing the technology we have these days.  My iPhone is my favorite tool.  I can do about anything it seems with it.  In class the other day I captured some variations on the "Giant Johnson".  I posted about it the other day, BJJ Technique The "Giant Johnson".  I have since learned a few other names for it.  They are Arm Triangle, Howdy, and Pillow Choke.  These variations put, should we say, a "twist" to it.  You not only apply the choke but you twist the body or spine at the same time.

The Turtle to Side Control video was taken at our advanced class.  It is sweet to watch.  Josh, one of our white belts, mastered it in no time.  He makes it look smooth and simple.  It is fancy to watch.  I wonder what would happen if during the turn the guy didn’t stay in the turtle position.  I guess I’ll have to get with Josh and try it out.  If anyone has a name for the Turtle to Side Control Sweep in the video please let me know.

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