Can Opener Double Arm Bar Defense

Can Opener Double Arm Bar Defense Part 1 –


Can Opener Double Arm Bar Defense Part 2 –

We went over the Double Arm Bar in class last week.  For a guy like me with long legs it really was a eye opener.  I think I’ll have to try it more often.  KillerJ made a comment on my post, BJJ Technique Can Opener Defense, that shows a Arm Bar being used as a defense.  He said he had a hard time getting the hip movement needed for the Arm Bar.  The Double Arm Bar does require flexibility but not the hip movement of the Arm Bar.  Thank you Pat and Chris for demonstrating it.  I liked the Double Arm Bar a little better because it uses your whole body against his arms.  I also noticed that when you squeeze your leg it cuts into the sides of the opponents arms.  This calls his attention away as you grasp the arms and apply the Double Arm Bar.  It looks like it is easy to wiggle out of.  Trust me it isn’t.  Learn both of these arm bars and if one doesn’t work switch to the other.  I don’t think I’ll ever let someone get the Can Opener on me again.

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