Do You Wear Socks During BJJ Practice?


Do you wear socks in class?  What about wrestling shoes?  Have you heard of Grapple Socks?  Have you seen someone at your school wearing them?  Why would you were anything?

I wear your typical white cotton socks. I wear them because when I get home I see what the mat has done to them instead of my feet.  I wear them because I don’t want to have them in some one’s face even if I just showered before I came.  I wear them because I don’t want to pick up ringworm.  The mats are cleaned regularly but walking around in bear feet after a few practices is a invitation for trouble in my opinion.  So why cotton socks?  Why not Grapple Socks or wrestling shoes?  I decided not to use wrestling shoes because they give to much grip and I don’t want to turn a ankle.  I also have had a few nasty tears on my feet because of someone using wrestling shoes stepping on my feet during take downs.  So what about Grapple Socks?  Some of the new styles look good.  We have a guy at our school that wears them and likes them.  He gets teased for it but it hasn’t stopped him.  It has in fact made him stand out because he laughs and doesn’t take it personal.  They seem to have less grip then the wrestler shoes and more then my cotton socks.  I guess I need to try a set.  As for why I wear cotton socks, well they are in my sock drawer in abundance.

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  1. Nope, can’t say any of us wear socks. In the winter, since we don’t use heat in the academy, I will wear socks till I get warmed up. 11 months out of the year this is not a problem. I don’t like the slipperiness of socks. It wouldn’t be bad to prep for Pan/Mundials though since the mats there are so slippery. I like your rationale, but I don’t put my feet near peoples’ faces much, so I think I’m still being considerate.

    1. For the most part my feet aren’t in people’s faces either. Its those occasional leg locks that gets them there.

  2. Well, they don’t allow shoes (even wrestling shoes) on the mat at our school, so I don’t know how they’d feel about these. I like the idea of individual toes, but I wonder how long the grippy things on the bottom would hold up. I got overpriced “yoga socks” for my girlfriend which look similar to those, but she said the little rubber grips on the bottom wear off after several washes.

    I guess I should be worried about ringworm since I got a bad staph infection in my knee last year, but I don’t know about protecting my feet if my face is regularly getting mushed into the mat. Which reminds me…I REALLY want to get better at jits so that I can I find out what this “top game” that everyone speaks of is all about.

  3. I began wearing socks at our new academy because it was so frigging cold over the winter. Now it is warmer I have got used to wearing them basically for hygiene reasons. Just nice not to have grubby dirty foot soles. Can look a bit dorky however when walking to the dojo – short black trousers + white socks = oddball!

  4. I love me some grapple socks! Home Improvement Ninja, the rubber dots do wear out fairly quickly. That’s the only problem I’ve found thus far. No more mat burn, they don’t bunch up, and they have decent traction (even when the traction dots wear down). The company has good customer service, btw.

  5. I haven’t been able to understand yet why so many guys bag on grapple socks. Some people seem to deem it worthy of loosing your man card or something. It’s not like a guy is wearing something not quite right, like a G-string or something. I personally have never worn them so I can’t say anything to their benefit. Ring worm?! That never even crossed my mind as a possibility.

  6. I wear socks most months of the year. I can’t wait to move to a warmer country!

    To make the best of it, I often wear different colour socks. My favourite combo is red and blue. Combine that with black pants, a white gi top, yellow-and-blue striped gumshield and a purple belt and you’ve got a scary-ass clown!

    Also, I make a point of gogo-plataing anyone who makes fun of my socks-just to prove a point 🙂

  7. I wore socks once. I had a bad blister on my foot and it was an akward place to band aid + tape it, so I band aid + socked it. It hated them. They were slippery and I found myself having to adjust my socks a lot.

    I wouldn’t mind trying those grapple socks though. They look interesting, but I have no interest what so ever in trying wrestling shoes.

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