What’s With The Socks!

Grayson-Pink-Gi-Arm-Bar Yesterday I posted "Do You Wear Socks During BJJ Practice?".  I got the most hits for a post and the most hits in a day for my site.  I got the most comments on a post I’ve ever had.  I wasn’t talking about BJJ secrets or advanced techniques.  I didn’t give some great knowledge or insight.  I just said why I wear socks and what some alternatives were.  So what is it with socks in BJJ that stirs everyone up so?  What’s with the socks!  Is it the Grapple Socks that catches everyone’s attention?  I got less comments when I talked about a fellow student wearing a pink gi for shock value at a tournament.  He did win his division too (That is him in the picture finishing a match with a arm bar).  If you lost a match to a guy wearing socks or a guy wearing a pink gi, which would be worse?  I’m inclined to say from the responses that it would be socks.  What is unmanly about socks?  I guess there doesn’t have to be rhyme or reason to it.  It is what it is.  I think those of us who wear socks should take Liam’s approach and get a picture of it.  How about it Liam?  Send me a picture of you with the GoGo-plata on and your socks just like in your comment.

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5 Replies to “What’s With The Socks!”

  1. HAHAHA, The bloggersphere is a weird world. Sometimes odd subjects like BJJ socks just stand out more than the usual training log or helpful tips. I guess people like to read about a subject area that isn’t covered by anyone else. Question is, what next? Grappling knickers?

  2. Well, on the few occasions that I do no-gi, I sometimes wear…grappling pants. No, they are not tights! They are grappling pants–like Shinya Aoki wears, and I wear them under my shorts. But I’ve gotten more than a few chuckles.

  3. wearing socks is actually a good idea but in some academies the teachers don’t really like this. mat burns are nothing new and are not pleasant and the way to avoid them I think is either wearing grappling socks or alternatively wrestling shoes.

    In my academy many people wear grappling/wrestling shoes as opposed to socks. Addidas I think offers a decent choice of shoes one can wear. I don’t really see any problem with this especially if you are already suffering from mat burns

    1. Thanks for the feed back. From the poll done on FightWorksPodCast.com it looking like we are among the minority when it comes to footwear at class.

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