Roger Gracie vs Bruno Bastos at Mundials

I just watched the Roger Gracie vs Bruno Bastos match on Georgette’s Blog.  Here are some of the things that caught my attention and that I was impressed with.  First of all, 2/3 of the match with just jockeying for the takedown.  I know that having takedown skills are important in your game. I was more impressed with the importance of them as I watched Roger and Bruno battle it out.  In my mind it looked like Roger realized it was going to stalemate if they kept going on like this so he jumped guard to move it to the ground game.  The next thing that caught my attention was the taking-the-back, as Georgette points out by Roger.  I had just read Meerkatsu’s post "K-Taro Nakamura Back Control & Choke Review" and was thinking about the "Armdrag from closed guard with back take" example.  Roger did it with style of course and made it look easy.  I find that getting up and moving my hips out is the hard part.  Roger gave me a few pointers as he did it.  I noticed he grabbed the opposite knee and pushed off the hip with the leg he was trying to get around.  Once the hips came out Bruno couldn’t or didn’t stop the rest of him.  Roger then, it looks like, put a body lock on him and rolled him over.  I couldn’t tell what submission he used to finish it.  Does anyone know?

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  1. Looked like a collar choke from the back, probably thumb in. I liked Roger’s take down as well as Bastos’s fireman’s carry. cool stuff

  2. I loved watching that fight. Everyone knows Roger’s modus operandi from the last Mundials – pass, mount-choke, so they were all wary of this. What they did not realise was that he has a very good guard game too. In fact he showed us precisely what he was going to work on during his charity seminar (

    There is so much chatter about how you need judo for this and that, and I largely agree, but I now will not feel too bad when I pull guard in tournaments – cos that’s what Roger does!

    1. It was nice to see Roger hop guard wasn’t it. It takes all the “sissy” out of it. If its good enough for a winner like Roger its ok with me too.

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