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Its summer and its hotter then Hades here in Utah.  I don’t train in an optimally controlled environment.  I needed something lighter then my heavy Atama Mundial.  My Koral MKM was more a medium weight but not light enough.  I decided to try a Vulkan Pro Light.  I had heard good things about Vulkan from a couple of the other guys who wear them.  I ordered my black, A3, Vulkan Pro Light gi from  It came promptly and without hitches.

Here are some of my thoughts about it:

PROS: The first thing I noticed about it was the fit.  My other gis are reasonably good fits but the Vulkan Pro Light A3 was a superb fit.  I am 6’2" and a average weight of 214lb.

It didn’t have a seam across my back.  I do a lot of pivoting on my back and I don’t like a seam in the middle of it.

The waist cord didn’t bind up when tightened.  With my other gis I tend to have one short and one long after a while.  I then have to work it around until they are equal length again.  Its a real pain.  It seems a small thing but they can build up over time.

The patches have stayed on.  With my Koral MKM I had to re-sew a patch after only a month.

It line dries quicker then my heavier gis.  It will dry in half the time as my other gis when I hang it out.  It is pre-shrunk but I still don’t throw it in the drier for fear it might still shrink some and I like the fit just how it is.

CONS: Black is a horrible color for rolling in.  Every spec of dirt, hair, dust, etc. shows up on me.  I look like and feel like a giant lint brush after rolling.

Despite it being pre-shrunk it was still dripping gray water while being hung out to dry.  The dye was not totally set I guess or maybe this is to be expected.  What ever the case if you set it to drip dry make sure what it drips on doesn’t matter.

I noticed signs of color fading already.  It is to be expected with the wear and tear it gets but I’m very careful to wash it according to the instructions.  I haven’t had it for more then a month yet.  I would expect it to hold its color a little better then that.

Summary: I love it.  It has become my favorite gi.  I haven’t used my Atama Mundial since getting it and won’t until winter.  I highly recommend the Vulkan Pro Light to anyone suffering in the heat or who just wants to try a good quality gi.

For a more in depth review of the Vulkan Pro Light you might try Meerkatsu’s Review.  Seymour always goes all out and does stunning reviews on gis.

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  1. Whenever I get a new gi that has heavy color to it (blue, black or red) I wash by itself once with a cup of vinegar added to the load – that seems to lock in the dye.

    1. Thanks, Jeremy. I’ll try that next time. Come to think of it I think I’ve heard of that before but I didn’t remember until you mentioned it.

    1. By Vulkan?? Don’t I wish! No one paid me to do the review or buy this particular gi. is sponsoring me and reduced the price of the gi for me.

  2. Another pro; you look mean in that gi. Plus it sets off those white socks you always wear to class! Thanks for the review.

  3. Sounds like a quality gi. I’m desperately in need of a new gi, but my deceased vehicle would kick my ass if I didn’t do all I could to get it out of the shop.

  4. I bought that exact same vulkan gi in black. My very first wash i did the vinegar trick exactly how it was described, but as you have seen in class my gi faded so much that your new one and mine didnt even look like the same gi. very much expected the color to hold longer.

    On the other hand i like the faded black color too. Its as if it is a color which has to be earned.

  5. Hi Jason, how are you? My name is Giovanna and I am Vulkan’s PR.

    We read your review post and would like to clarify some points about the color fading that you mentioned.
    To preserve the gi’s color you may never use hot or warm water while washing, neither dry it in a dryer. If you correctly followed the washing rules and still perceived this result the answer may be the excessive sweating during training as long as you said that is very hot in your city these days and your academy doesn’t have a a/c system.

    That said, we would like to somehow repair your experience with our products for it to be one of a kind so we’re offering you a bonus code for your next purchase on Vulkan Store. Could you please send me your email address?

    Please feel free to contact us whenever you think it’s necessary. It’s going to be a pleasure to hear more from you.


    Giovanna Carvalho
    Vulkan FC

    1. Now that is customer service! I’m going to reply and see where it goes. I can’t believe Vulkan read my review, let alone cares about “repairing” what I see as wrong.

  6. Wow Jason, you have really slimmed out. You look like Christian Bale’s stunt double. You were getting a little chubby, now you look like you’re in the best shape of your life.

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