Scrap For the Skull BJJ Tournament

Scrap For the Skull The Scrap For The Skull is a local tournament between my school, West Side Jiu-Jitsu and Foley’s MMA.  A crystal skull trophy is kept for the year by the winning school. If Foley’s isn’t our brother school then they are good friends and its great to have some local martial art school interaction.

You may have seen last year my post, No-Gi vs Gi Part 2.  I competed in the Scrap For The Skull last year.  It was my first tournament and first time doing nogi.  I lost but learned a lot.  This year I will be competing again despite missing a whole month before due to illness.  I will be in the year and above class this time.  I think even if I lose again I’ll be able to look back and see improvement.

Why am I tensing up just thinking about it?  What is it with tournaments that gives me anxiety?  I’m not going to lose money or really anything but some time.  I want to be a good representative of my school I guess.

Georgette of Georgette’s Jiu-Jitsu World had a good post “Tips for Calming Before and During Jiu-Jitsu Competition”.  I think I might add to that come on time but not early.  Last time I was early thinking I would stretch out.  It just made me more tense.

Wish me luck.  It is on Oct. 23th.

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