How to Tweak the Rear Naked Choke for Maximum Effect

Little tweaks make all the difference some times.  As I ponder more of what I learned from the Sylivo Behring Seminar I post my insights as I promised.  One of the tweaks Master Behring showed us was for the Rear Naked Choke or Mata Leao.  The traditional way to lock in the choke is with the arm around the neck to clasp the bicep of the other arm that is at a 90 degree angle and then fold the arm behind the head.  Master Behring demonstrated this gives the opponent a chance to grab the arm before it can get behind the head.  Instead he showed us to “shoot” the arm in behind the head.  What I mean by that is to have the arm in the finish position and insert it.  This is out side the vision of the person being choked and is a quicker motion.  They don’t get the chance to block it either.

Roy Dean in his video Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Requirements: Gateway to the Advanced Game gives some excellent variations on the Rear Naked Choke.  I especially like the variation for when you can’t get your arm all the way around and under the chin.

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