3 Top Picks for Back Control Technique Instruction

In the movies before the fight begins the good guy usually asks his buddy and side kick “You got my back?”  In BJJ its just you and your opponent during the fight.  The only one who is going to get your back, in a literal sense, is the person you least want there.

I’ve decided I want to be the guy who is the most proficient at getting the back or back control.  Thank you to each of you that responded to my post “The Devil is in the Details with Technique”.  It has helped me narrow down some sources for good instruction on improving my technique based around getting back control.  Here are the 3 top picks on back control instruction:

  1. Ryan Hall – Back Attacks
  2. Pablo Popovitch – NoGi Exposed (DVD 3 – Taking the Back)
  3. Marcelo Garcia – MGInAction.com

I’m not as focused on submissions from the back as I am getting to back control and maintaining it.  I noticed that Ryan Hall’s and Pablo Popovitch’s DVDs are still 40% off at GroundFighter.com.  I didn’t see anything else really devoted to the back.  Am I missing anything from this list that you know of?

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