Marcelo Garcia – Counter Arm Drag to Back Control

As I am learning more about getting to the back I’m always amazed at how there is a counter it seems to everything.  I’ve been working on improving my Arm Drag technique.  I figured that was a good place to start in my quest to get to the back.

Marcelo Garcia gives a excellent example in this video of how to counter a arm drag.  At the same time it also shows the mechanics of the arm drag.

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  1. As of late I’ve had a string of guys get to my back or reverse my side control by under-hooking my far side arm. I was demoralized at first because I couldn’t even stop them with my go to whizzer. I then had a black belt show me how to grip the inside collar along with the whizzer.

    I was able to stop everyone dead in their tracks and reestablish side control again.

    It’s cool what a little tweak can do!

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