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I bought my wife a Kindle Wireless Reading Device from for Christmas.  It has become a big hit.  In fact I am getting a little jealous.  Its just about replaced me it feels like or at least that is what I kid my wife about.

I am thinking of getting myself one.  Of course what is the first thing I thought of “Jiu-Jitsu”.  What books could I get on my Kindle that were related to BJJ if I bought one.  A quick search at Amazon showed me 19 books.  Most were not in my collection and a few I thought might be worth having.  I was a little disappointed to see that some of the really important ones to me like Jiu-Jitsu University were not on the list.

This started me thinking how hard is it to create your own Kindle book?  It can’t be that hard.  What would I want to say that would be worth putting into a book?  I’d want to talk about BJJ of course.

Have any of my readers created a Kindle book and know where to start?  If so please share with us.  I’m sure a lot of us are interested.

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  1. JiuJitsu365 has written two, if you’re in contact with him.

    Personally, I read books as either text files, Word docs or PDFs off my phone. I don’t really get the point of a Kindle, as I’d much rather have everything on the one gadget (mp3 player, radio, phone, camera, books, portable video player etc). Kindle apps make excellent sense, though: I use it on my computer.

    1. I think its the mobile aspect of it. I have so many books. To free up that space and be able to carry the whole thing with me at once is very attractive. The Kindle is also designed just for reading books. It is a lot easier then reading from my iPhone on the go. I’m still not sure if I’m getting one but I am sure I want to write a book for it.

  2. Hi, I’m a full time author and BJJ Scholar (or at least I think I am). I’m the guy behind Zen Jiu Jitsu, which if you search for anything Kindle on Amazon related to BJJ you’ll my Kindle and Paperback appear near the top. If you have any questions, let me know and I would be happy to field them with your readers. You’re right Jiu Jitsu is Life.

    Technique conquers all

  3. Ha – since writing that, I definitely see the point of Kindles: battery life. I bought one specifically for a trip to the US (due to the 30hr+ journey time) and it worked great. Though I still generally read pdfs off my phone, especially as I have a Galaxy Note with that huge screen.

    It’s been interesting seeing more and more people self-publishing via Kindle, though credentials is always a big question. The best ones I’ve seen so far are by your instructor, Mark Johnson (reviewed here), but then he has the credibility of being a black belt (although he wrote the first one while still a brown belt).

  4. Hi Slidey, I like Mark’s work, he’s not my professor, but seems one really nice guy 🙂 I’m only a brown belt myself and wrote that when I was purple but it was aimed at Blue Belts to be honest. I sort of went through a crisis of confidence when I was at the end of my blue belt and just felt frustrated with my game. I tried a couple of things that really helped me and then wrote them down for the Zen book.

    Kindles are great, my wife uses it the most and I tend to use the iPad with the free Kindle app. In Europe it’s really slow to catch on but given time they will become as popular as the iPod, IMHO of course.

  5. Ha – sorry Oliver, I wasn’t addressing that at you: I’ve got no idea who your instructor is. 🙂

    The whole question of “can I justify giving out advice?” is an interesting one. Personally, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable charging for advice until I’m a black belt. Giving it out for free, sure, but I stick to writing it on my website or commenting on reddit, Facebook, forums etc.

    On the other hand, there have been some excellent books put out by purple belts. The main one that springs to mind is Ed Beneville’s series. There was also that great ‘Functional Half Guard’ video by Indrek Reiland, who I think was only a blue belt at the time, maybe even white.

  6. Hi Slidey, totally agree and think I would have put the info out for free but by the time I had finished it was pretty comprehensive. I’m a professional author in other genres (mostly fiction) and only started the text as a bit of fun when I was on vacation. It grew into a two hundred page manual with images and took on a life of its own. When I put it out I didn’t really expect it to sell, but thought I had spent a ton of time on it so why not? How really surprised was I that it has not only sold a few copies but got great reviews (so far)??

    The content was just something that helped me when I was in slump, it doesn’t have any technical advice in it, just my own process of getting from a plateau, and almost quitting, to getting a real handle on my game. It’s a little more autobiographical than it is advice giving. I don’t think I would be audacious enough to give instruction on BJJ until I was a black belt – think you’re spot on there.

    As a side note I just picked up Jeremy Henderson’s Berimbolo course. It was a series of videos, he’s only a brown belt, but the video work and advice I have found excellent. On the half guard front, I enjoyed Caio’s 111 half guard techniques, though it’s mind boggling 🙂

    If you want a copy of Zen for free (well in exchange for a review haha) let me know and I’ll send you a copy and you can let me know what you think.

  7. There are a lot of great DVDs out there now: perhaps too many, as I find when I ask a beginner what they want to work when we’ve got free rein to drill, they’ll say something like “oh, I saw this cool technique where you grab here and here, then you spin and do a backflip and go for the reverse twisting banana split flying omoplata” rather than “man, my mount escapes still suck: let’s work on those.” 😉

    I’m always happy to review BJJ material: my contact details are here.

  8. Haha I know what you are saying. Is a Kindle version of the book okay? I see you are in the UK and sending it would be a bit pricey. Let me know.

    PS: Your site with the contact details isn’t displaying them? I’ll try a little later.

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