On the Jiu-Jitsu Binge and Purge Cycle

I got my sorry fat self to BJJ tonight.  I had a good time like I knew I would.  So why is it I go through these binge and purge cycles.  For a while I’m all fired up and I can’t get enough.  Then I hit the purge and I can’t get my self to go.  Oh there are other factors, sickness, family, life.  Regardless I still can find time even if I can’t go to class to watch my DVD’s or practice on my Submission Master Grappling Dummy.  But I don’t.  Now I’m just about finished purging and I’m moving toward the binge.

I’ve been wanting to pick up Ryan Hall’s "Back Attack" but I kept telling myself if I’m not going to go then why?  Surprisingly this has become the dangling carrot to start motivating me.  I think I’ll set it as a reward for myself.  If I make it through the entire month of February and get in at least two class a week I’ll buy it.  As you might remember I posted 3 Top Picks For Back Control Technique Instruction in which I picked Ryan’s DVD as the best.  I also set my sights on being the best from the back.

Jiu-Jitsu is Life and Life is Jiu-Jitsu

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