Hayabusa Ashi MMA Footgrips VS Cotton Socks

Ashi_socksIn January I did a post “Hayabusa Ashi MMA Footgrips VS Grapplesock VX2”.  I picked up the Haybusa Ashi MMA Footgrips at MMAOutLet.com and gave them to a friend who had the Grapplesock VX2.  His review of the difference between the two was positive enough for me to get a pair the Haybusa Ashi’s.

Last night was the first night I used them.  I usually wear ankle high white cotton socks.

Getting on the socks was like pushing my feet into sausage casings but when they were on they weren’t too tight and they didn’t slip the whole night.  I immediately noticed the increased grip.  They made a annoying sticky sound as I walked around on the mat.  I didn’t mind after we got to rolling.  The increased grip really did help.  I didn’t realize how much slipping was going on with my cotton socks until I got these.  Upa’s and other moves that required me pushing off my feet went much better.  I really do like them.  The only negative I have is that the top of my toes got mat burn.  This was especially bad on my largest toes.  The simple solution is to either have hobbit toes that sport their own hairy defense or wrap some sports tape around them.

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